Foot Prints

Have you ever felt empty? As though you had no purpose in life?
Have you ever questioned yourself?

Holding my head low I walk on the sands of the beach, reflecting on a turbulent past. Some memories we can never wipe away no matter how hard we try to suppress them.

Have you ever felt empty? Questioning your purpose in life or, better yet yourself?
Confined to a dark and eerie place, the only sounds that could be heard are the tear drops falling from my face.

I scream for freedom, but no one is around to free me from my shackles. Defeated I feel, but day in and day out, I cry into the darkness, hoping to be set free.

Holding my head low I walk on the sands of the beach confessing my sins. I wish not to walk in sin, for death is the enemy that never sleeps. It lays silently in the dark for its next victim. It’s the snatcher and keeper of lost souls. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no escaping it.

I confessed to him what I could not admit to man. I turn to him when the world is against me. But I cannot walk in his step or follow in his shadow. I am not worthy to stand side by side with Thee. Even with his grace bestowed upon me, the shame of my sins will never set me free.

I confessed to you, father, what man would look down on, but I only heard your voice and felt your hand touch my heart once through my confessions.

These are my confessions.

Free me from my misery and send me to a place where I can find peace of mind. I want to make it heaven because this world is not my home, and it’s not my resting place.

But I feel trapped! Will the doors of heaven be open for me? Have my grace ran out? Am I worthy to walk side by side with you? I don’t want to be the fallen one, trailing behind you. Is heaven ready for me? Where am I on your list of lost souls? I’m rushing my time, yes I know. Why? ‘Honestly, I don’t know. Am I ready? ‘I don’t think so.’
Call upon me when you’re ready because I know heaven has a special place for me.

Holding my head low, I walk on the sands on the beach, but not alone.
For you see, through my entire journey, my father heard my cries and followed me.

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