Honest About My Feelings(No Filter)

I’m tired of being tired and tired of being mentally ill. Today I’m emotional, and it will remain this way. I’m exhausted, and I spend most of my time suppressing emotions and thoughts.

Yes – I Am Tired

My mind never sleeps; thoughts are constantly racing through my head. Do you know how MUCH WORK!!! Goes into analyzing and controlling all negative thoughts?

It’s a full-time fucking job, and it comes with no benefits. Please don’t preach to me; listen when I talk. Maybe one day I’ll take enough pills to sleep. I’m not even sure why I’m still here. Am I that good at controlling Anthony(My negative thoughts)

He just woke up!! I want to know what’s bothering me, what causes my depression (Being weak)—tirelessly working so the other people can be happy while I cringe inside.

Hey! I’m not innocent. I’m just tired. Medication after medication. Therapy sessions. Depression, Anxiety, Borderline personality. Don’t tell me to be grateful. It’s hard when you live your life suppressing emotions.

I hate everything about me and wish I was never born. I’m mentally ill, and it’s no fun. At least my impulsiveness is under control.

I told my therapist, my death will be by my own hands. Deep down inside, I am trying. Some days are good, I guess.

Fuck it!!

When you see me right this way, you must know I’m struggling.
I play stories out in my head. My mind doesn’t sleep.

Alright, back to the suppression of feelings. Wear a new mask; need a new look. Maybe cut my dreads and starve myself.

Don’t be like me…I’m getting help. There are times I have text the suicide hotline.

People see their future, but I envision my death.

You see a pretty smile; I feel deep pain. Don’t trust my smile; it’s bullshit!!

Happiness is a shadow of the past.
It’s medication time; every fucking night is medication.

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