Embracing Mother Nature (Mindfulness)

As I pulled out of my driveway, I stopped my car to capture this beautiful image. I was fascinated by the snowfall and how it laid gently on each branch. It looks so magical. Mother Nature is gorgeous, and today she showed us how much. It’s the simple things that catch my eyes. It’s the simple things I find beauty in. Others may view a dirty road with a bare tree and snow-covered houses, not what I see. I see serenity. Trees are standing tall as mother winter covered each branch in the snow. Am I the only one that sees frozen branches in different directions? Two trees appear to be hugging. I see a snowed concealed sign.

There are no cars parked on this side of the road. But of course, who would want to block such a beautiful site. Pass the trees, and the snow-covered sidewalks, and all the slush. I can see the roof of the apartment buildings covered in snow. These small details can be a miss because we are too busy complaining about the dirty roads. I see a street leading me down the road, and I wonder what else mother will like to show me. I don’t usually stop my car in the middle of the street. Before the sun comes out, I just wanted to capture this moment before the sun melts away, this beautiful relaxing site. But I chose to park at the perfect spot. Look above the picture; it seems I stopped right under a branch. Thank you, Mother Nature, for such a beautiful site. I also see a vintage photo.

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