My Happy Place

My happy place is below a hill surrounded by green pasture. The lake is crystal blue and as I stand on the shore I allow the water to wash against my feet as I stare down on the multicolor stones. My happy place has palm trees as tall as a skyscraper. I lay still and allow myself to float while the wind whistles through my hair (serenity). I’m walking through the forest in a white mesh rope, with the tail following behind. My forest is green and full of life. I walk with my hands out and my head tilted to the sky; I smile while being mindful. With the sun beaming down on my face, my forest is my resting place.

Ahead of me, a lion approaches, we greet each other by bowing our heads. In this part of the forest, I am the lioness. We run side by side as fast as we can until we reach the end of a cliff. I faced the king and allowed myself to fall gracefully into the crystal clear water, floating as I’m smiling. I reached the shores and disappeared into the trees. In this forest, I have wings. I am a bird, and I can swear as high as I want. Flying through the clouds, I let out a burst of laughter as I descend to land. With my wings spread high, I disappear into the brushes.

I’m in a tropical rain forest, dressed in a sheer blue gown, and so are the warrior marks on my face. I pad like a predator hunting its prey. In this forest, I’m a mighty warrior, the protector of this land. I’m walking through an open field covered in dandelions. I’m naked. I move slowly through the plains while being mindful of my surroundings. I can hear the birds chirping; as I look down on my feet, I can see the due glistening on the grass. As I slowly look up, I see her, Mother Nature steering in my face. She reaches for my hand and leads me into the forest. I find myself back at my resting place, swinging on a hammock. I gently close my eyes and fall asleep. In this forest, I am me.

I am resting in my happy place.

My happy place is below a hill surrounded by green pasture.

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