It’s Just One Of Those Days

Admire The Smile

Before I begin, please don’t tell me sex helps with stress. I’ve yet to find a compatible partner. Now let’s start.

Lord,😩😩Are those bags under my eyes? I’ve endured a stressful, depressing, and emotional few weeks. I’ve been fighting back the tears while fighting to keep my composure.

My pretty red hair is a mess, and it needs a do-over. My diet is probably tired of being on hold. My life is currently under construction 🚧. My love life is lagging while my ovaries are patiently waiting for a donor. My sex drive has suffered. But my depression has won the election, which is not suitable for the body/soul/& mind.

I’m simply trying to survive in this twisted mind of mine. While picking at each thought carefully, fearful I may unravel an anxiety attack or negative thinking I happened to overlook.

I’ll continue down this rugged path until something positive comes along. Until then, I’ll sit with my depression and count every negative aspect of my life.

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