A Darker Side Of Me

Photo by Mitja Juraja on Pexels.com

If I could get one wish, it would be a conversation with a ghost. For only the dead can explain why I must cherish living. Are you scared yet?

When I think of heaven, I see this entirely different world: white clouds, just a sense of peace. When I see hell, well, it’s hot. It resembles a wildfire, burning the flesh of the condemned while they scream in agony.

How many people ask themselves, I would love a conversation with the dead. Are you brave enough? If given a chance, would you accept the invite?

Let me reiterate why I want an audience with death. To get an understanding of why I must cherish living. Have you ever asked yourself what dying feels like?

Do you leave your body and your soul becomes conscious or is everything black, and you disappear, not knowing you left the world of the living?

Do I get to come back? How much time do I spend watching my family? Do I eventually go away?

If I could sit down with the dead, It would be an exciting conversation.

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