Why Do I Eat Alone

It’s Saturday January 2nd 12:00(PM).

I’m at Friday’s having a Margarita. Please don’t judge me, I need this drink, it’s been a long 2020. Ringing in the New Year with one of my favorite drinks.

Did I mentioned I’m dining out alone? Strange to some, but perfectly normal to me. We need alone time to sit with our thoughts,focus and enjoy me time. The first time I had dinner with myself was six years ago.  I was stressed and needed to relax. The idea of having dinner alone made me uncomfortable.  Who would sit at a table and eat by themself. 

Well I did and it felt embarrassing, but I got use to it. It was needed, because it was a few hours away to  unwind, breathe and relax. Is it wrong in wanting to escape just for a few hours? I was so focus on someone seeing me, that I forgot to focus on my own mental stability. Too busy focusing on the perception of others.

To over come this negative way of thinking, I kept dining out alone. No longer worrying about other’s perceptions. My happiness matter, escaping for a few hours is not a crime. Wanting to sit alone and enjoy lunch is not out of the ordinary.

Okay…It’s time for me to end this post. I’ve finish eating. Please tip.

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